2011 Nebbiolo & Glasses Gift Box

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Nebbiolo is known for being a big and bold red wine.

Plum and black currants are the first aromas you pick up as you smell this wine, then comes the cedar and vanilla. On the palate, it is dominated by cherry and plum flavors. The wine is supported by dusty tannins that draw you into to your next sip.

​Included in this gift box are two large, high-quality 15-ounce stemless glasses custom-etched with your logo. No matter how many times this dishwasher-safe glass is washed, the etching will never wear off.


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Great for all occasions and wine lovers.

Gift Box Contents

  • 1 750ml bottle of 2011 Sozo Nebbiolo
  • 2 custom etched stemless wine glasses
  • 1 color-accented black gift box
  • 1 custom-printed thank you card

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