The 12 Ways of Gifting

The 12 Ways of Gifting

Posted by Sozo Gifts on Oct 18th 2022

This year more than ever people are ready to celebrate and to be celebrated. It is going to look different and feel different. One of those differences can be the gifts themselves. During times like these, gifts are even more appreciated.

There are many ways to leverage Sozo Gifts within your organization but in honor of the song "12 Days of Christmas", let’s start with 12 Ways of Gifting!

1. Client "Thank yous"
Your clients have been patient (or not so patient) and also dealing with new horizons. A little something is a perfect way to thank them.

2. Prospect gifts
Empower your field sales teams build new relationships with a gift that can help jump-start the conversation, and act as a physical bridge in what are increasingly digital-first relationships.

3. Vendors
Turning vendors into strategic allies can be a tremendous boost to your business; gifts are a great way to start that shift in relationship.

4. Internal Team
With holiday parties looking a lot like Zoom Meetings this is the perfect year to send your team special gifts.

5. Referrals
What a wonderful way to refer a business to another, with a gift.

6. Delivery Folks
These business partners are often forgotten- Sozo has just the thing.

7. Company-Wide Gifts
We have the team to curate the just right gift for you entire company (we can create several choices with you).

8. Sharable Gifts for a group
We can make a treat box of exclusive goodies that the whole team will eat up.

9. Most Outstanding Player Gift
Even though everyone is wonderful, there is that one who makes everything a little better for everybody. Build team culture by recognizing their contributions.

10. Gift Box as Invitation
Get really creative and use a gift box as an invitation for a socially quite small or large Socially distant event- when people get the gift they will be grateful and then they with an event on top of that they will be over the moon!

11. A Little Retreat

A gift can be a little escape.

12. Each Gift Keeps on Giving
Because you choose to give with Sozo, each of your wonderful gifts will continue to give back to people in need. Whichever causes you choose you know they will be grateful and your gift receiver will be double grateful.

Ok! So let’s get gifting. Tis the Season (heck it’s always the season to give a thoughtful gift)! Let Sozo Gifts be your Gifting partner. We look forward to curating the perfect expression of gratitude for those who matter most to your business.