Commitment To Sustainability

Sozo Gifts' leadership shares the conviction that it's a company's joyful obligation to support the communities in which it does business, operating in a way that allows human beings to flourish as they were intended to.


It's for this reason that we donate a portion of the proceeds from every gift box to charitable causes that help end human suffering. It's also the reason we do everything we can to take care of the world around us with the way we intentionally source, pack, and ship our world-class gifts.


Our packaging partner is certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative and the Forest Stewardship Council. To achieve these Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP-audited certifications, they have a measurable focus on environmental stewardship which includes:

1. Use of primarily water based non-toxic inks, sending all waste back to the supplier for recycling.


2. Diverting 100% of foam scrap from the landfill.

3. Recycling over 70 tons per month of scrap from the production plant, which equates to 2,849 trees per year.

4. Planting 4,000+ plants filtering up to 80,000 pounds of pollutants out of the air each year.


Our team doesn't source low-quality products that end up right back in the landfill due to their poor durability and lack of purpose. Singularly, this is a tremendous issue in the industry that we find ourselves working, at times, in close proximity with.


When possible, we source our products from partners that are located geographically near our facility in the Pacific Northwest. This means our inventory isn't as frequently shipped across an ocean or across the country, which helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Finally, our team avoids sourcing single-use plastics and straws. Instead we source durable, lifetime pieces crafted out of glass or metal.


We've partnered with FedEx as our primary shipping partner in an effort to care for our environment.

1. FedEx breaks fewer of our gifts than its primary competitors. This means less round-trip shipping (a gift comes back to us when it breaks) and fewer replacement gifts shipped. This combines to lower our per-gift carbon footprint while lowering our packaging and product waste.


2. FedEx has committed to a 100% electric vehicle fleet by 2040.

3. Since 2009, FedEx's efforts have contributed to an approximately 40% reduction in CO2 emissions intensity across the enterprise while package volume increased 99% during that period.