Corporate Gifting Made Easy

Whether you're gifting to 5 or 5,000 people at different addresses - we have you covered.

How We Define "Easy"

eas·y   |   /ˈēzē/

Gifting that fits the way you do business.

Order - Your Way

You Order: Ship one gift to one address, or 100 gifts to 100 addresses (or any combination in between) with our powerful "Ship To Multiple Addresses" feature at checkout.


Bypass the traditional checkout experience and order via spreadsheet in as little as 90 seconds.


They Order: The ELIGERE Smart Gifting Platform by Sozo Gifts allows each gift recipient to select their own gift and tell us where to ship it in a premium, white labeled experience.

Customize - Your Way

All of our gifts come with a custom-printed card that is designed to highlight your brand.


Many of our products are brandable for no additional cost. Include a company logo, team logo, or event design. The choice is yours.


Curate the your unique expression of generosity with our fee-free Custom Gift Program.


Create a custom gift box to white label your gift experience.

Pay - Your Way

Pay via monthly invoicing or with credit card.


When paying via credit card, save your payment method for easy checkout on future orders.


Our finance team works with a variety of clients across different business and AP structures to best serve you and your AP needs (like distributed field teams with seperate budgets that roll up to corporate).

At Sozo Gifts, quality is part of the way we view "easy".


A poorly crafted gift is rarely well recieved. It can even do more harm than good.


With Sozo, give meaningful gifts that feel "hand selected", at scale, without the hassle.

The Sozo Gifting Experience

Give meaningful, curated gifts that feel hand selected.


Each gift is packed by hand in a LuxeCollection gift box by Sozo, complete with a custom printed card on heavy paper, and shipped in our exclusive SecureShip system.


Most importantly, a portion of the proceeds from each gift are donated to charity, leading to one of the most unique gifting experiences avaliable.