Coffee, Cocoa, Caramels, Coaster Pair + Engraved Succulent & Mugs Gift Box

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Gift Details

The cornerstone of this box is a nearly one-pound bag of artisan hot chocolate, handmade by Harth Hot Chocolate in small batches in Somerset, England. It's thick and smooth, made with rich organic cocoa powder. Flavors are drawn from winter rituals, camp fires, and the hedgerows.

The small designer artificial succulent by Flora Bunda is set in a geometric wood pot that looks good in any setting, all without any maintenance of a live succulent. Each wood pot is engraved with your logo.

Each Jonboy fleur de sel caramel is crafted according to French tradition from high-quality cream, butter, and organic cane sugar. These smooth treats are designed to melt gently in your mouth.

The 4-ounce bag of artisan direct-trade Brazilian Peaberry coffee roasted exclusively for Sozo Gifts by Caffe Lusso. This medium-body blend has notes of vanilla bean, toasted almond, and chocolate. It drinks perfectly with or without cream. 

The two high-quality 12-ounce glass coffee mugs are custom-etched with your logo. No matter how many times this dishwasher-safe glass is washed, the etching will never wear off.

To finish the gift, 2 authentic acacia wood coasters are included. Each has edges that have been sanded to the perfect angle and polished to perfection, posessing natural variation in the wood grain that is highlighted by the corner dipped in metallic paint.



This gift is a great fit for house warmings, home offices, or team appreciation gifts.


Gift Box Contents

  • ~14oz bag of Spanish-style hot chocolate by Harth
  • 1 package of Jonboy fleur de sel caramels
  • 1 4oz bag of Caffe Lusso Brazilian peaberry coffee
  • 1 small succulent by Flora Bunda
  • 2 acacia wood coasters - 4 x 4 inches
  • 2 custom etched glass coffee mugs
  • LuxeCollection black gift box by Sozo Gifts
  • Custom-printed thank you card
  • Sozo Gifts SecureShip Gift System