Handmade Ceramic Mugs, Plant & Candle Gift Box

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Gift Details

This decor gift box has been curated to be enjoyed by discerning clientele with nearly any decor and preference.

The "Snow" handmade ceramic mug pair by Lafayette Avenue Ceramics, a woman-owned business in Arizona, act as the centerpiece in this gift. The mugs are skillfully handcrafted from start to finish, and designed to fit perfectly in your hands and home. Used with love and treated with care, these pieces will last a lifetime, creating a bond between the user and their surroundings.

The designer artificial snake plant has all of the beauty and subtlety of a real snake plant, without any maintenance. Each pot is hand-crafted by Flora Bunda artisans out of ceramic and painted white with chic gold lines and a smooth finish.

Also included in this gift box is a quality hand-poured candle in a striking gold-colored tin by Candlefolk.



This gift is a great fit for house warmings or home offices.


Gift Box Contents

  • 2 handmade ceramic mugs by Lafayette Avenue Ceramics
  • 1 snake plant by Flora Bunda
  • 1 small candle by Candlefolk
  • Premium black gift box
  • Custom-printed thank you card
  • Sozo Gifts SecureShip Gift System