Quarterly Wine Subscription Gift Series (At this time we cannot ship wine to WY, SD, VA, VT, OK, HI, LA, GA, SC, MI, IN, VA, MD, NJ, CT,NH)

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Gift Details

This one-year subscription ensures that your client gets a beautiful bottle of wine every quarter, without you ever having to lift a finger, keeping you top of mind for referrals and follow-up purchases.

When you purchase our quarterly wine gift, we will send a gift box with a bottle of wine as an immediate thank you. We will then send a new wine gift box every 3 months from that first order date until all 4 wine gifts have been sent.

Click each link to learn more about the 2015 Sozo Cabernet Sauvignon Gift Box, Sozo Chardonnay Gift Box, Sozo Pinot Noir Gift Box, and Sozo Sangiovese Gift Box that are included in this high-impact gift.



Double Gold Medal Winner - 2018 Seattle Wine Awards (2015 Sozo Cabernet)



The perfect gift to make a long-term impact with true wine lovers.


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