Custom Gift Program - Gift Stories

Custom Gift Program - Gift Stories

Posted by Sozo Gifts on Jun 15th 2021

Special occasions call for special gifts.

While all of our gifts are intentionally curated and crafted to exude quality and make a powerful impact, some occasions require a custom-themed gift.

Over the past decade, our team of gift consultants has enjoyed creating (and sending) thousands of custom gifts. In this blog, we've written about three of our favorite custom gift projects in the last 12 months to help get your inspirational gifting gears turning.

#1 - Home Health & Energy Gift Box

Occasion: Custom Virtual PR Event Gift
Client: World's Largest Dedicated Technology Security Company
Gift Name: Home Health & Energy Gift Box
Countries We Shipped Gifts To: 3

Our mission was to create a gift that engaged a group of journalists around the world during a virtual PR during the COVID-19 pandemic. At the request of the gift sender, our was able to bring in the theme of health & energy with a custom-sourced, modern, and high-quality cold brew coffee maker, along with a bag of Brazilian pea-berry coffee by Caffe Lusso. The energy theme was tied together with a laser-engraved Corkcicle Canteen that would be up to the task of keeping their cold brew cold for 25 hours. A health theme was injected into the gift courtesy of a German-made exersize band by Blackroll that was embroidered with the gift sender's logo. This high quality gift was tied together with a custom-printed gift insert as part of the Sozo Gifting Experience.

Our team was able to custom-source and craft this gift, and ship to each gift recipient (including 2 countries outside of the United States) in a little over 4 weeks of working time.

#2 - Adventure Together Gift Box

Occasion: Custom Holiday Gift
Client: Large American Online Global Travel Company
Gift Name: Adventure Together Gift Box
Countries We Shipped Gifts To: 8

This gift sender pulled out all of the stops for their valuable gift recipients. They were excited to use Sozo Gifts not only to send a high quality thank you, but to be able to do so at scale (over 1,000 gift boxes) without having to bog down their own team operations.

Our mission was to bring the same sense of travel and adventure into this gift box that exists within their global brand in order to thank their customers in an authentic way during the 2019 Holiday season. A quality water-proof denim toiletry kit and matching luggage tag (taken from this set) embossed with their logo was a perfect compliment to the lightweight, compact yet warm travel blanket by Bucky embroidered with their logo. These three gifts provided functional and on-mission enjoyment that will last for years, while the small-batch hand made salted dark chocolate and artisan salted caramels provided each gift recipient something to enjoy the moment the gift was opened.

Two additional levels of thoughtful and impactful personalization were included with this gift

Custom gift box label that featured the gift sender's logo and messaging

Custom hand-written cards included with every gift, addressed to each gift recipient by name. These cards were written by robot arms that hold pens mimicking some of the imperfections of handwriting, including the way a pen depresses the paper while writing, leaving an imprint on the back side of the card.

Our team was able to custom-source and craft this gift, and ship to each gift recipient (including 7 countries outside of the United States) in a little over 6 weeks of working time.

#3 - Welcome Aboard Gift Box

Occasion: Custom New Client Onboarding Gift
Client: Wealth Management Company
Gift Name: Welcome Aboard Gift Box
Countries We Shipped Gifts To: 1

Our mission was to help a prestigious regional wealth management company welcome their new clients in a way that would express an authentic sense of gratitude. The vision for the gift was one that would be useful on a daily basis for a broad range of people, while also giving them a special treat to enjoy right after opening their gift. The centerpiece of the gift box is our Minimalist Travel Backpack that features sleek and rugged nylon composite construction with a brushed wool flap that seals the backpack with a satisfying magnetic "click". Also included is an engraved Corkcicle Canteen that exudes quality and modern design. Since the gift sender wanted to send a famous Sozo beverage with every gift box that could be enjoyed when the gift is opened, but didn't want to send wine, they opted for our delicious non-alcoholic apple cider that is made from a blend of nine heirloom apples in the state of Washington. A set of engraved stemless wine glasses completes the gift.

Create Your Own Custom Gift Box

Our team of gifting consultants would love to craft a thoughtful gift that fits your needs and budget, for the holidays, or any time of year.

Reach out to Sozo's Gift Consultants today.